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Interface Fall-Winter 12

Vol. 21, Nos. 3-4

Conducting Polymers and Their Applications

Table of Contents (PDF)

From the Editor: Biomimetic or Bioinspired? p. 3
Call for Papers JSS Focus Issue: Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors p. 5
From the President: Weathering the Storm p. 9
ECS Transactions from the PRiME 2012, Honolulu, HI Meeting p. 10
Pennington Corner: The Weston Legacy p. 11
Redcat: ECS Launches Networking and Research Site for Scientists p. 13
Candidates for Society Office p. 17
Highlights from PRiME 2012 p. 19
Society News p. 43
People News p. 57
Tech Highlights pp. 58-59
Call for Nominations: Editor of JES and EEL p. 60
Introduction to the Featured Articles
Conducting Polymers and Their Applications
by Peter J. Hesketh and Durga Misra
p. 61
Novel MEMS Devices Based on Conductive Polymers
by Seiichi Takamatsu and Toshihiro Itoh
p. 63
Nanoparticle-doped Electrically-conducting Polymers for Flexible Nano-Micro Systems
by Ajit Khosla
p. 67
Electrochemical Assay of GSTP1-related DNA Sequence for Prostate Cancer Screening
by Amir H. Saheb, Michelle Leon, and Mira Josowicz
p. 71
Section News p. 77
Awards p. 80
New Members p. 82

ECS 2012 Summer Fellowship Reports

ECS 2012 Summer Fellowship Winners

p. 88

Stress Evolution and Ion Dynamics in Redox Active Polypyrrole Films
by Sujat Sen

p. 89

Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopy of High Frequency Bands of Interfacial Species
by Devika Sil

p. 91

Catalytic Activity for ORR of a Platinum-Free Electrocatalyst in Phosphoric Acid
by Balázs B. Berkes

p. 93

Localized pH Measurements with Scanning Ion-Conductance Microscopy
by Celeste A. Morris

p. 95

Oxygen-Promoted Anodic Oxidation of Bisphenol A on Nickel Foam Electrodes
by Julia van Drunen

p. 97

Student News

p. 99

Awarded Student Membership Application

p. 106

San Francisco, California Call for Papers

p. 107

Student Travel Grant Application for the San Francisco, California Meeting

p. 126

Young Faculty Travel Grant Application for the San Francisco, California Meeting

p. 127
ECS Transactions from the Boston, Massachusetts Meeting p. 128

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