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Ionic Liquids

Interface, Spring, 2014Ionic liquids liquids (ILs), which were in their infancy about 15 years ago, have today been accepted as versatile materials in various fields of chemistry. Guest edited by Andreas Bund and Frank Endres, the latest issue of Interface takes a look at the interfacial electrochemistry of ionic liquids. Editors Petr Vanýsek and Vijay Ramani shared their thoughts as they embark on their new roles with Interface. See the highlights from the recent ECS meeting in Orlando; and read "Reflections on Chemistry and Electrochemistry after Fifty Years of Practice," by ECS past President Larry Faulkner.

Pennington Corner

What's New

In his recent Pennington Corner column, ECS Executive Director Roque Calvo recently wrote about the Society’s commitment to Free the Science. "Since the dawn of modern science, the key to scientific advancement has been the exchange of knowledge in publications, meetings, and through other collaborations; and in the past decade we have experienced a significant change in the way this scientific exchange occurs. Digital information and the Internet have dramatically improved our ability to disseminate science on a worldwide scale and should lead to global advances at a pace never considered before. But there are obstacles because these technological advancements in the digital age have come at a high cost to scholarly publishing; not for producing scientific content but for the cost of dissemination incurred by users of the research and their institutions.

"The ECS Board of Directors boldly committed to an… "Open Access plan that would enable the dissemination of content from the ECS Digital Library at no cost to authors, readers, libraries, or funding agencies." This requires that ECS move from the traditional subscription-based model of publishing to a platform where individuals and institutions can access the ECS Digital Library content without paying any fees. The intended goal is to enable authors to reach readers without the for-profit selling of their work, and enable readers everywhere to access scholarly papers free from the burden of over-priced subscriptions charged by the profit-minded publishers.

"As a nonprofit publisher and steward of the science, ECS will maintain a high-quality peer review process, an editorial structure aimed at engaging the best content in our technical domain, and the platform necessary for the broadest and most useful dissemination of that content. Maintaining this editorial integrity, deep searchability, and content usability in an Open Access publishing environment will require ECS to create a new model for financial support and management of the ECS Digital Library. ECS is highly committed to Open Access and we have initiated a campaign to generate institutional and endowment type financial support for the ECS Digital Library. We need assistance from members, authors, institutions, and foundations to support this important new model of publication and create free dissemination of research and enable uninhibited scientific advancement."

Author Choice Open Access—Authors have a choice when submitting to ECS journals: publish your article as you always have done, or publish it as an Open Access article. Learn more about Open Access and the Society’s long-term plans to better serve authors and the research community with broad access to our content.

Brian Conway Remembered—The history of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology is crowded with the accomplishments of ECS members, and the ECS Classics columns reflect on those contributions. In this iteration, ECS past President Barry MacDougall remembers Brian Conway.

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