211th ECS Meeting - Chicago, Illinois

05/06/2007 - 05/10/2007


Author Index

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All Divisions A1 - General Student Poster Session (H. Martin, V. Desai, P. Pintauro and V. Subramanian)
All Divisions A2 - Tutorials in Nanotechnology: Focus on High Temperature Materials (E. Traversa and W. Van Schalkwijk)
Battery Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry Energy Technology B1 - Electrochemistry of Novel Electrode Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (J. Xu, A. Manthiram, P. Smith, K. Zaghib and T. Zawodzinski)
Energy Technology Battery B2 - Characterization and Prevention of Failure Modes of Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion Batteries in Transportation Applications (K. Zaghib, K. Abraham, T. Duong, A. Landgrebe, J. Prakash and I. Weinstock)
High Temperature Materials Energy Technology IE&EE Battery Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry B4 - Hydrogen Production, Transport, and Storage 2 (E. Wachsman, M. Heben, A. Manivannan, P. Maupin, V. Ramani and M. Williams)
Battery B5 - Medical Batteries (C. Holmes and E. S. Takeuchi)
Energy Technology Battery B6 - Power Sources for EV and HEV Applications (H. Russell Kunz, K. Abraham and V. Ramani)
Organic & Biological Electrochemistry C1 - Organic and Biological Electrochemistry General Oral and Poster Session (A. J. Fry)
Organic & Biological Electrochemistry Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry C2 - Building Complexity into Electrodes and Electrode Processes (A. J. Fry, T. Fuchigami, J. Leddy and J. Rusling)
Organic & Biological Electrochemistry Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry Sensor C3 - New Bioanalytical and Biomedical Methods (J. Rusling, G. Brisard, C. Bruckner-Lea, A. Simonian and I. Taniguchi)
Corrosion D1 - Corrosion General Session (A. Davenport)
Electronics & Photonics Dielectric Science & Technology High Temperature Materials E1 - Advanced Gate Stack, Source/Drain, and Channel Engineering for Si-Based CMOS: New Materials, Processes, and Equipment 3 (M. Ozturk, E. Gusev, H. Iwai, H. Iwai, S. J. Koester, D. Kwong, F. Roozeboom and P. Timans)
Electronics & Photonics E2 - Processes at the Semiconductor Solution Interface 2 (D. N. Buckley, A. Etcheberry and C. O'Dwyer)
Dielectric Science & Technology E3 - Silicon Nitride, Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films and Emerging Dielectrics 9 (R. Ekwal Sah, M. Deen, Y. Kamakura, J. Yota and J. Zhang)
Electronics & Photnics E4 - SOI Device Technology 13 (G. Celler, S. Bedell, S. Cristoloveanu, F. Gamiz, B. Nguyen and Y. Omura)
Electronics & Photonics E5 - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors (SOTAPOCS 46) (L. Chou, P. Chang, Y. Luo, M. Overberg and M. Yoshimoto)
Dielectric Science & Technology E6 - Thin Film Materials, Processes, and Reliability (G. Mathad, M. Engelhardt, K. Kondo and H. Rathore)
Electrodeposition F1 - Electrochemical Processing in ULSI and MEMS 3 (H. Deligianni, J. Dukovic, T. Moffat and J. Stickney)
IE&EE G1 - Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering General Session (G. Pillay, J. Fenton and V. Ramani)
IE&EE Energy Technology G2 - Design of Electrode Structures (D. T. Mah, E. De Castro and L. Lipp)
IE&EE Energy Technology Battery G3 - Membranes for Electrochemical Applications (J. Fenton, B. Pivovar and W. Van Schalkwijk)
IE&EE Energy Technology Electrodeposition Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry G4 - Multi-Scale Simulations of Electrochemical Systems (V. Ramani, R. Alkire, S. J. Paddison and V. Subramanian)
Fullerenes H1 - Electron Transfer and Applications of Fullerene and Nanostructured Materials, in Honor of David Schuster (F. D'Souza, S. Fukuzumi, D. Guldi and O. Ito)
Fullerenes H2 - Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes (N. Martin and J. Nierengarten)
Fullerenes H3 - Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: Fundamental Properties and Processes (R. Weisman and S. Subramoney)
Fullerenes H4 - Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: Applications and Devices (S. Rotkin and M. Heben)
Fullerenes H5 - Endofullerenes and Carbon Nanocapsules (H. Shinohara, T. Akasaka and A. Balch)
Fullerenes H6 - Energetics and Structure (Z. Slanina and O. Boltalina)
Fullerenes H7 - Solid-State Physics (Y. Iwasa and P. Rudolf)
Fullerenes Nanotechnology H8 - Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: Medicine and Biology (L. Wilson, T. Da Ros and K. Decker)
Fullerenes H9 - Porphyrins and Supramolecular Assemblies (N. Solladie and K. Kadish)
Fullerenes H10 - Metallic and Semiconductor Nanoparticles (P. V. Kamat)
Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry I1 - Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry General Session (H. De Long)
Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry Corrosion Energy Technology Sensor Battery I2 - Advance In-Situ Techniques for Analysis of Electrochemical Systems (V. Ramani, C. Korzeniewski and F. Mansfeld)
Sensor J1 - Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session (G. Hunter, S. Bhansali and R. Mukundan)
High Temperature Materials Sensor Fullerenes J3 - Nanoporous Materials: Chemistry and Applications (M. Allendorf, T. Armstrong, S. Bhansali and P. V. Kamat)
Luminescence & Display Materials J4 - Persistent Phosphors 3 (W. Yen)
Sensor Organic & Biological Electrochemistry Electronics & Photonics High Temperature Materials Dielectric Science & Technology J5 - Sensors Based on Nanotechnology 3 (J. Li, M. Deen, J. Rusling, J. Ruzyllo and E. Traversa)