216th ECS Meeting - Vienna, Austria

10/04/2009 - 10/09/2009


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A1 - General Student Poster Session (V. Desai, G. Botte, V. R. Subramanian and K. Sundaram)
A2 - Nanotechnology General Session (C. Bock, J. Li, Z. F. Liu and E. Traversa)
A3 - Michael Faraday: The First Nanotechnologist? - An Invited Symposium (R. Tweney, D. Misra and K. Rajeshwar)
A4 - Tutorials in Nanotechnology: Focus on Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry - An Invited Symposium (H. De Long, R. Mantz, S. Minteer and P. Trulove)
B1 - Battery / Energy Technology Joint General Session (Z. Ogumi, A. Manivannan and S. R. Narayanan)
B2 - Alkaline Electrochemistry in Fuel Cells (D. Chu, R. Mantz and C. Wang)
B4 - Intercalation Compounds for Lithium Batteries (M. Whittingham, P. Bruce, C. M. Julien, M. Palacin, J. Prakash and M. Thackeray)
B5 - Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries (M. Winter, K. M. Abraham, D. Doughty, Z. Ogumi and K. Zaghib)
B7 - Photovoltaics for the 21st Century 5 (M. Tao, J. Brownson, P. Chang, C. Claeys, K. Kakimoto, K. Rajeshwar, M. Sunkara and D. Yang)
B8 - Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells 9 (PEMFC9) (T. F. Fuller, P. Bele, S. Cleghorn, H. A. Gasteiger, C. Hartnig, T. Jarvi, D. J. Jones, C. Lamy, V. Ramani, P. Shirvanian, P. Strasser, H. Uchida, T. A. Zawodzinski and P. Zelenay)
B9 - Semiconductor Electrolyte Interface and Photoelectrochemistry (K. Rajeshwar, M. A. Ryan and T. A. Zawodzinski)
B10 - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Eleventh International Symposium (SOFC-XI) (S. Singhal and H. Yokokawa)
C1 - Organic and Biological Electrochemistry General Poster Session (J. Burgess)
C2 - New Biomimetic Materials for Electrochemical Sensing (C. Kranz, M. Bayachou and H. De Long)
C3 - Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Electron Transfer Reactions (T. Fuchigami, G. Cheek, D. Evans and F. Maran)
D1 - Corrosion General Session (D. C. Hansen)
D2 - Coatings for Corrosion Protection (G. Frankel, G. Grundmeier, H. N. McMurray and T. Shinohara)
D3 - Corrosion of Electronic and Magnetic Materials (L. Garfias, A. Gebert and N. Missert)
D4 - High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry 8 (E. Wuchina, J. W. Fergus, T. Markus, T. Maruyama, P. J. Masset, E. J. Opila and D. Shifler)
D5 - Surface Treatment for Biomedical Applications 2 (S. Djokic, Z. P. Aguilar, D. C. Hansen and S. Virtanen)
D6 - Oxide Films (P. Marcus, S. Fujimoto and H. A. Terryn)
E1 - Analytical Techniques for Semiconductor Materials and Process Characterization 6 (B. Kolbesen, M. Bersani, C. Claeys and L. Fabry)
E2 - Atomic Layer Deposition Applications 5 (S. De Gendt, S. F. Bent, A. Delabie, J. Elam, S. B. Kang, A. Londergan and O. Van der Straten)
E3 - Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing 11 (J. Ruzyllo, P. Besson, T. Hattori, P. Mertens and R. Novak)
E4 - High Dielectric Constant Materials and Gate Stacks 7 (S. Kar, M. Houssa, H. Iwai, D. Landheer, D. Misra and S. Van Elshocht)
E5 - Processing, Materials and Integration of Damascene and 3D Interconnects (J. C. Flake, O. Leonte, G. S. Mathad, P. Ramm, H. S. Rathore and F. Roozeboom)
E6 - One-Dimensional Nanoscale Electronic and Photonic Devices 3 (L. Chou, G. Duesberg, S. Jin, J. Li, S. Roth and Z. L. Wang)
E7 - Organic Semiconductor Materials, Devices, and Processing 2 (M. J. Deen, D. Gundlach, B. Iniguez, H. Klauk and K. Worhoff)
E8 - Semiconductor and Plasmonics: Active Nanostructures for Photonic Devices and Systems (M. Gerhold, S. Chen, D. Rogers, F. Teherani and J. Xu)
E9 - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors 51 (SOTAPOCS 51) and Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Materials & Devices 10 (E. Stokes, O. Ambacher, R. Goldhahn, J. Huang, G. Hunter, E. Kohn, C. O'Dwyer and M. E. Overberg)
E10 - ULSI Process Integration 6 (C. Claeys, S. Deleonibus, H. Iwai, J. Murota and M. Tao)
F1 - Current Trends in Electrodeposition, an Invited Symposium (W. Schwarzacher)
F2 - Electrodeposition of Nanoengineered Materials and Devices 3 (N. V. Myung, S. R. Brankovic, L. Deligianni, J. Mallett, E. J. Podlaha, J. F. Rohan, J. B. Talbot, N. J. Tao and G. Zangari)
F3 - EuroCVD 17 and CVD 17 (M. T. Swihart, R. A. Adomaitis, D. Barreca and K. Worhoff)
F4 - Fundamentals of Electrochemical Growth: From UPD to Microstructures - Symposium in Memory of Prof. Evgeni Budevski (S. R. Brankovic, P. Allongue, M. Innocenti, L. Péter, N. Vasiljevic and G. Zangari)
F5 - Semiconductors, Metal Oxides, and Composites: Metallization and Electrodeposition of Thin Films and Nanostructures (G. Oskam, J. Fransaer, I. Shao and P. M. Vereecken)
H1 - Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: From Fundamental Properties and Processes to Applications and Devices (R. B. Weisman, S. De Gendt, M. Kappes, M. Meyyappan and M. Prato)
H2 - Nanostructure and Function of Fullerenes (N. Martin, D. Guldi, A. Hirsch and J. F. Nierengarten)
I1 - Physical, Electroanalytical and Bioanalytical Electrochemistry (P. J. Kulesza, M. Fojta, A. Kuhn, S. Minteer and Z. J. Stojek)
I2 - Electrochemistry: Symposium on Interfacial Electrochemistry in Honor of Brian E. Conway (B. MacDougall, C. Bock, E. Gileadi, S. Gottesfeld, D. Harrington, J. Leddy, W. Lorenz, S. Morin, B. Scrosati and S. Trasatti)
I3 - Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids (P. Trulove, H. De Long and R. Mantz)
J1 - Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session (R. Mukundan)
J2 - Impedance Techniques: Diagnostics and Sensing Applications (V. Lvovich, D. C. Hansen, M. E. Orazem, B. Tribollet and P. Vanysek)
J4 - Physics and Chemistry of Luminescence Materials, W. M. Yen Memorial Symposium (U. Happek, J. Collins, D. J. Lockwood and A. M. Srivastava)