220th ECS Meeting - Boston, MA

10/09/2011 - 10/14/2011


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A0 - Special Lectures ()
A1 - General Student Poster Session (V. Subramanian, V. Chaitanya, M. P. Foley and K. Sundaram)
A2 - Nanotechnology General Session (O. Leonte, F. Chen, J. Li and W. E. Mustain)
A3 - Electrochemical Energy Summit - An International Summit in Support of Societal Energy Needs (C. Bock and J. Leddy)
A4 - Grand Challenges in Energy Conversion and Storage (D. Sadoway, Y. Fukunaka, R. Mukundan and X. Zhou)
A5 - Pioneering Women in Electrochemistry (C. Korzeniwski and H. Martin)
B1 - Battery / Energy Technology Joint General Session (M. M. Doeff, N. Dudney, A. Manivannan and S. Narayan)
B2 - Battery Safety and Abuse Tolerance (D. Doughty, K. Abraham, J. Jeevarajan and C. Orendorff)
B3 - Challenges for Transportation Batteries (C. Johnson, B. Liaw and K. Zaghib)
B4 - Electrochemical Utilization of Solid Fuels (T. Gur and S. Gopalan)
B5 - Electrochemical Capacitors: Fundamentals to Applications (D. Bélanger, R. Brodd, T. Brousse, P. N. Kumta, J. W. Long, P. Simon and W. Sugimoto)
B6 - Intercalation Compounds for Rechargeable Batteries (R. Kanno, Y. Meng and K. Zaghib)
B7 - Large Scale Energy Storage for Smart Grid Applications (R. F. Savinell, J. P. Meyers, S. Narayan and D. Wheeler)
B8 - Lead-Acid Batteries and Capacitors, New Designs, and New Applications (K. R. Bullock and P. T. Moseley)
B9 - Mathematical Modeling of Lithium Ion Batteries and Cells (V. Subramanian and J. Stockel)
B10 - Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells 11 (H. Gasteiger, F. N. Büchi, A. J. Davenport, M. Edmundson, T. F. Fuller, D. Jones, C. Lamy, R. Mantz, S. Mukerjee, H. Nakagawa, S. Narayanan, V. Ramani, T. J. Schmidt, P. Shirvanian, P. Strasser, K. Swider-Lyons, H. Uchida and A. Z. Weber)
B11 - Rechargeable Lithium and Lithium Ion Batteries (M. K. Sunkara, K. Abraham, R. Brodd, R. Bugga and M. C. Smart)
B12 - Electrochemical Processes for Fuels (X. Zhou, G. Brisard, M. Mogensen and W. E. Mustain)
D1 - Corrosion General Poster Session (S. Fujimoto)
D2 - Coatings for Corrosion Protection (M. Rohwerder and V. J. Gelling)
D3 - Corrosion on Land, Sea, and Air (D. Shifler, Z. P. Aguilar, B. Hinderliter and F. J. Martin)
D4 - Critical Factors in Localized Corrosion 7 (N. Birbilis, A. J. Davenport, G. Frankel, J. R. Kish and K. R. Zavadil)
D5 - High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry 9 - A Symposium in Honor of Professor Robert A. Rapp (J. Fergus, P. Gannon, M. Harper, T. Markus, T. Maruyama, E. Opila, V. Ravi, D. Shifler and E. Wuchina)
D6 - Where Metals Meet Human Tissue (S. Virtannen, D. Hansen, S. Hiromoto, B. Shaw and A. Simonian)
E1 - Solid State Topics General Session (K. Sundaram, H. Iwai, O. Leonte, M. Tao, R. Todi and X. Wang)
E2 - Atomic Layer Deposition Applications 7 (J. W. Elam, S. Bent, S. De Gendt, A. Delabie, A. Londergan, F. Roozeboom and O. Van der Straten)
E4 - High Dielectric Constant and Other Dielectric Materials for Nanoelectronics and Photonics 9 (S. Kar, M. Houssa, H. Iwai, K. Kita, D. Landheer, D. Misra and S. Van Elshocht)
E5 - Processing Materials of 3D Interconnects, Damascene and Electronics Packaging (G. Mathad, R. Akolkar, D. Barkey, M. Hayase, K. Kondo, M. Koyanagi, P. Ramm and F. Roozeboom)
E6 - Photovoltaics for the 21st Century 7 (M. Tao, C. Claeys and H. Deligianni)
E7 - Semiconductor Cleaning Science and Technology 12 (SCST 12) (J. Ruzyllo, T. Hattori, P. W. Mertens and R. E. Novak)
E8 - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors 53 (SOTAPOCS 53) (M. Overberg, J. LaRoche and K. C. Mishra)
E9 - ULSI Process Integration 7 (C. Claeys, S. Deleonibus, H. Iwai, J. Murota and M. Tao)
E10 - GaN and SiC Power Technologies (K. Shenai, M. Dudley, R. Garg, A. Khan and R. Ma)
F1 - Current Trends in Electrodeposition - An Invited Symposium (G. Stafford)
F2 - Electrodeposition of Nanoengineered Materials and Devices 4 (N. Myung, S. Brankovic, H. Deligianni, J. N. Harb, P. Hesketh, E. Podlaha, J. Rohan, J. Talbot and G. Zangari)
F3 - Fundamentals of Electrochemical Growth: From UPD to Microstructures 2 (S. Brankovic, P. Allongue, M. Innocenti, L. Peter, N. Vasiljevic and G. Zangari)
F4 - Semiconductors, Metal Oxides, and Composites: Metallization and Electrodeposition of Thin Films and Nanostructures 2 (P. Vereecken, J. Fransaer, G. Oskam and I. Shao)
G1 - Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering General Session (J. Weidner)
G2 - Nanostructured Materials: Chemistry & High-Temperature Applications (T. Armstrong and E. Traversa)
H1 - Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: From Fundamental Properties and Processes to Applications and Devices (D. Guldi, S. De Gendt, H. Klauk, J. Li, R. Weisman, K. Worhoff and K. Zaghib)
I1 - Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry General Session (R. Mantz)
I3 - Bioelectroanalysis (S. Minteer and B. A. Chin)
I4 - Electrochemistry at Nanoscale Dimensions 2 (D. Cliffell)
I7 - Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids 2 (P. Trulove, H. De Long and R. Mantz)
J1 - Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session (M. Carter, Z. P. Aguilar, J. Li and B. Ward)
J2 - Impedance Techniques: Diagnostics and Sensing Applications (V. Lvovich, M. Orazem, P. Vanysek and Y. Yoon)
J3 - Luminescence and Display Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (J. Collins, B. Di Bartolo, U. Happek, D. Lockwood, K. C. Mishra and M. Raukas)
J6 - Sensors Based on Fluorescence, SERS, SPR, and Photoelectrochemistry (N. Wu, L. Nagahara and A. Simonian)