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Author Instructions for
Preparing Electronic Meeting Abstracts

Please print these and save for future reference during the submission process.


Editorial Process Overview

The abstract submission and peer review process is categorized into the following six basic steps.

  1. The Author submits an abstract to be considered for participation at the meeting, for electronic publication on the ECS website and in the ECS Meeting Abstracts CD-ROM volume.
  2. The Symposium Organizers work together to handle the review process for the abstract.
  3. The Lead Organizer either assigns Reviewers to the abstract, or directly makes a decision regarding the author’s participation at the meeting; and whether the author will participate in an oral or poster session.
  4. The Assigned Reviewers review the abstract and submit their comments to the Lead Organizer.
  5. The Lead Organizer makes a decision regarding publication of the current abstract.
  6. Staff contacts the Author with the decision after the meeting program has been finalized.
  7. If revisions to the abstract are invited, the Author may resubmit a revised abstract prior to the meeting abstract deadline, and the process cycle is repeated.

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Submission Process

The abstract submission process proceeds through a series of screens that gather detailed information about your abstract; and allow you to upload the pertinent file (one abstract file, complete with any references, tables, and/or figures, if any). The uploaded source file is automatically converted by the system software into Portable Document Format (PDF) file versions. It is the PDF file that is made available to editors and reviewers (as well as yourself); such files can be viewed via a Web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader. The sequence of submission screens is as follows.

  1. A long abstract-submission form asking you to enter author name(s), title, abstract, meeting session information, etc.
  2. A screen asking for the name (on your computer) of the file to be uploaded (do this via the Browse button, which brings up a “Choose File” pop-up box). After completing this screen and using the “Submit Abstract Files” button, your file will be uploaded to the PXP server.
  3. A file-upload confirmation screen will provide you with a specific tracking number for your abstract submission.
  4. A file-conversion status and approval screen will (a.) advise you of the progress of converting your source file to its PDF version, and, when conversion is successfully completed, (b) will require you to verify that the file has uploaded and converted to PDF correctly. If a conversion is incorrect, you can replace or delete a file as necessary at this stage. Once your converted file has been viewed and approved as correct, you will need to click on “Confirm Approved Converted File” to officially register and notify the editorial office of the submission. NOTE: Until you complete this step, which can take up to 10 minutes, your abstract is not submitted to the ECS meetings office for review handling.

Upon confirming approval of the converted files, you are returned to your Home screen (Main page), with a message indicating that the submission has been registered, and with an opportunity to view summary data, the converted file, and current status information about your abstract. Check the “Abstracts Submitted” folder.

Before submitting a NEW abstract package, please gather the following information and items; those followed by "(*)" are required data.

  • For the Presenting Author (*)
  • First name (*), middle initial, and last name (*)
    – Title, e.g., Dr. Prof. (*)
    – E-mail address (*)
    – Primary (work) telephone number (*)
    – Primary (work) fax number
    – Postal address, including institution (*)
  • For the other (Contributing) Authors (if the last name is provided for an author, then the data indicated by * are required) – First name (*) and last name (*)
    – E-mail address (*)
    – Institution affiliation (*)
  • Symposium you are submitting to (check the Call for Papers located at if you are unsure) (*)
  • Properly prepared abstract text file in Word or PDF file formats, having used the meeting abstract template

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Submission Mode

  • No more than one abstract file should be uploaded. Use the meeting abstract template.
  • Upload a single, complete abstract file (including any references, tables, and/or figures, if any). A PDF version of this file (which will be presented to you for approval) is presented to the editors and reviewers.

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Copyright Transfer Agreement

Under U.S. copyright law, a transfer of copyright from the author(s) must be explicitly stated in writing to enable the publisher to disseminate the work to the fullest extent. ECS requires the submitting author to agree to the Copyright Transfer during the submission process.

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Resubmission Process

Once an abstract has been approved by the author and submitted to the system, that submission is considered final and not updatable in the system. Please make every effort to approve only your final abstract to the system. In the event that you MUST update an abstract file that you have previously approved and submitted, please make an entirely new submission to PXP; this must be done BEFORE the submission deadline. Please also notify the abstract administrator to ensure that your old abstract is deleted from the MAS-PXP system.

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Navigation and Getting Help

When you are on the PXP submission site, the upper right-hand corner of every page carries links that allow you to:

  • Return to your Home screen (Main page)
  • Call up a Suggestions feedback form
  • Display a Help contact list
  • Log out of the Peer X-Press service

Throughout the system, red arrows (aip_arrow) reflect pending action items that you should address by clicking on the associated link.

If you need additional help, you can click on the help signs (aip_help) located throughout the system. A help dialog box will pop up with context-sensitive help comments.

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Checking an Abstract’s Status; Viewing Abstract Files

After you have approved the file upload and conversion for your abstract submission, you may obtain the status of your abstract, or view the abstract files, at any time by doing the following.

  1. Logging into the system with your user name and password. If needed, use the “Unknown/Forgotten Password” link at the Welcome/Login screen to be emailed your login name and a new, temporary password.
  2. Clicking on the “Abstracts Submitted” under “Author Tasks” on your Home screen (Main page).
  3. Clicking on the appropriate “Check Status” link, which is presented as an abstract number and abbreviated title.
  4. Clicking on the “Abstract #” link at the top of the Detailed Status Information screen. (This returns the so-called “Abstract Items/Tasks” page, from which you can view your abstract files.)

This procedure will display tracking status information about the location of your abstract in the editorial process, and/or give you access to the abstract files that have been uploaded, approved, and submitted.

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Sending Abstract Correspondence

To send e-mail to the ECS meetings staff regarding a particular abstract, please use the “Send Abstract Correspondence” link found on the abstract’s “Abstract Items/Tasks” page (see the above section for how to bring up the page). This facility allows for e-mail attachments and for “cc:” (e.g., to yourself). The e-mail is automatically recorded and stored within the system and accessible to the ECS staff.

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Starting the Process

The abstract submission process starts by clicking the “Submit Abstract” link on your Home screen (Main page). Please make sure you have gathered all the required abstract information listed above before starting the submission process.

Please go to the current meeting page at to start your submission.

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Abstract Template

To help you prepare an abstract in Microsoft Word format, a ready-made template is available for download. If you prefer, you can use Adobe Acrobat, or some other compatible tool, to produce a Portable Document Format (PDF) file; but please use the template to create the PDF file. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must embed the fonts to enable us to open the file. In general, you prepare your abstract exactly as if you were going to print and mail it to ECS headquarters. Please refer to the “Style Guidelines for the Preparation of Meeting Abstracts” for complete information about requirements for page size, margins, fonts, etc. Please DO NOT PASSWORD-PROTECT YOUR DOCUMENT to read only format; we MUST be able to add a header to the file that contains the abstract number and meeting information.

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Attending the Meeting

All participants — including authors and invited speakers — are required to pay the appropriate registration fees to attend the meeting. After your abstract submission is reviewed, accepted, and scheduled into the meeting program, presenting authors will be notified of acceptance. Acceptance of your paper does not waive the registration fees. Registration information can be found online typically three months before the meeting begins.

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For more information about ECS Meetings, contact us at

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