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The ECS Open Access Publishing Agreement

The Open Access Publishing Agreement that ECS asks authors to sign strives to strike a balance between the rights of the authors, and the requirements of the publisher (ECS).

Authors are given a choice of two Creative Commons licenses to assign to their work.

For works that are assigned a CC BY Creative Commons license, provided the work is cited in full (with both ECS and the author attributed), then the work may be used by anyone for any purpose.

If the authors choose the CC BY-NC-ND (non-commercial, no derivatives) license, ECS asks that they be granted rights that, as a publisher, they have always had in the traditional publishing model: others may not use the work for commercial purposes without getting permission from ECS, but the author grants to ECS the exclusive right to use the work for commercial purposes and to sublicense it to others. Any revenue generated by ECS will help recoup the cost of its Open Access publication activities: currently ECS is not passing on the full costs of publication to the authors and hopes to be able to keep article processing charges at a moderate level.

If the author has chosen the CC BY-NC-ND license, then they may use their own articles for non-commercial purposes without asking permission from ECS (subject only to acknowledging first publication in the appropriate journal, and giving a full reference).

Specifically, they may:

  • Make a PDF of their article freely available on their own website / institutional repository
  • Make copies of the article for personal or (non-commercial) professional use
  • Republish part or all of the article in a book or other publication edited by the author
  • Use the article in a course pack or compilation in their own institution. (This does not apply if a commercial charge is made for the compilation or training program.)

Anyone other than the authors of a paper who wants to reproduce a paper with a CC BY-NC-ND license will need to ask permission from ECS to do so. ECS may charge an appropriate fee. Permissions should be sought by emailing

Any revenue generated from these permissions will be used to help keep charges for Author Choice Open Access as low as possible. This policy will be reviewed at the end of 2014.

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