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ECS has a number of student chapters which provide an opportunity to understand electrochemical and solid-state sciences, to have a venue for meeting fellow students, and to receive recognition for organized scholarly activities and community services. ECS offers current members of Student Chapters free annual Student Memberships to qualified full-time students. Eligible students must be full-time undergraduate or graduates registered for a degree in natural science or engineering and a participating member of their Student Chapter.

ECS Outstanding Student Chapter Award
Presented annually at the fall ECS bi-annual meeting, the Outstanding ECS Student Chapter Award recognizes one student chapter annually that has distinguished itself through active participation in the Electrochemical Society’s technical activities, outstanding community and outreach activities in science and engineering education, and a robust membership base.

The 2013 ECS Outstanding Student Chapter Award recipient was The University of Maryland Student Chapter. Led by faculty advisor Eric Wachsman and Chapter President Colin Gore, The University of Maryland Student Chapter formed in 2011 and quickly established itself as a role model. In 2012-13, The University of Maryland Student Chapter hosted lectures by prominent ECS members; coordinated a site visit at Teledyne Energy Systems; helped expose middle school students to STEM topics at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology Adventures in Science program; participated in the Science, Engineering & Technology Congressional Visits Day; conducted a poster contest; and not surprisingly, increased its membership.

The runners-up, Ohio University Student Chapter and University of Texas at Austin Student Chapter, were both recognized as Chapters of Excellence. For more information on applying for the 2014 Outstanding ECS Student Chapter Award, please see the award rules.

Current ECS Student Chapters

  • Atlanta Student Chapter at Georgia Tech, founded 2008
    Peter J. Hesketh, Faculty Advisor,
  • Auburn University Student Chapter, founded 2007
    Jeffrey Fergus, Faculty Advisor,
  • Boston Student Chapter, founded 2009
    Eugene Smotkin, Faculty Advisor, Northeastern University,
    Harvard University
  • University of British Columbia Student Chapter, founded 2013
    Dan Bizzotto, Faculty Advisor,
  • Technical University Brno Student Chapter, founded 2006
    Jiri Vondrak, Faculty Advisor,
  • Calgary Student Chapter, founded 2011
    Viola Birss, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of California - Berkeley Student Chapter, founded 2006
    Bryan McCloskey, Faculty Advisor,
  • The California State University - Fullerton Division Student Chapter, founded 2012
    John Haan, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of California - Riverside Student Chapter, founded 2011
    Alexander Balandin, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of Central Florida Student Chapter, founded 2000
    Kalpathy Sundaram, Faculty Advisor,
  • Central Illinois Student Chapter, founded 2008
    Andrzej Wieckowski, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of Cincinnati Student Chapter, founded 2007
    Marc Cahay, Faculty Advisor,
  • ECS Cleveland Section and Ernest B. Yeager Center for Electrochemical Sciences Joint Student Chapter, founded 2005
    James D. Burgess, Faculty Advisor,
  • Colorado School of Mines Student Chapter, founded 2012
    Andrew Herring, Faculty Advisor,
  • Drexel University Student Chapter, founded 2012
    Yury Gogotsi, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of Florida Student Chapter, founded 2005
    Juan Nino, Faculty Advisor,
  • Indiana University Student Chapter, founded 2012
    Lane Baker, and
    Dennis Peters,, Faculty Advisors
  • Kerala, India Student Chapter at CUSAT, founded 2008
    M. K. Jayaraj, Faculty Advisor,
  • Lahore, Pakistan Student Chapter, founded 2008
    Inam Ul Haque, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of Maryland Student Chapter, founded 2011
    Eric Wachsman, Faculty Advisor,
  • Montana State University Student Chapter, founded 2013
    Paul Gannon, Faculty Advisor,
  • Montreal Student Chapter, founded 2010
    Steen B. Schougaard, Faculty Advisor,
  • New York Capital Region Student Chapter, founded 2006
    Dan Lewis, Faculty Advisor,
  • The Ohio State University Student Chapter, founded 2006
    Anne Co, Faculty Advisor,
  • Ohio University Student Chapter, founded 2011
    Gerardine Botte, Faculty Advisor,
  • Research Triangle Student Chapter, founded 2013
    Jeffrey Glass, Faculty Advisor,
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Student Chapter, founded 2013
    Daniel Lewis, Faculty Advisor,
    David Duquette, Faculty Advisor,
  • South Brazilian Student Chapter, Univ. Fed. do Rio Grande do Sul, founded 2010
    Luis Frederico P. Dick, Faculty Advisor,
  • SRM University Student Chapter, founded 2013
    Ranjit Thapa, Faculty Advisor,
    Bhalchandra Kakade, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of South Carolina Student Chapter, founded 2010
    Xiao-dong Zhou (, Faculty Advisor
  • University of Tartu Student Chapter, founded 2013
    Kaido Tammeveski, Faculty Advisor,
  • Tel Aviv University Student Chapter, founded 2009
    Eliezer Gileadi ( and
    Yosi Shacham-Diamand (, Faculty Advisors
  • University of Texas at Austin Student Chapter, founded 2006
    Ram Manthiram, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of Texas at Dallas Student Chapter, founded 2012
    Moon Kim, Faculty Advisor,
  • Tyndall National Institute Student Chapter, founded 2010
    Alan O’Riordan, Faculty Advisor,
  • Valley of the Sun – Central Arizona Student Chapter, founded 2013
    Candace Chan, Faculty Advisor,
  • University of Virginia Student Chapter, founded 2006
    Rob Kelly, Faculty Advisor,
For additional information on becoming an ECS Student Chapter, please contact the ECS Membership office at

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