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Battery Division Student Travel Grants

The ECS Battery Division has established the Student Travel Grants program to recognize promising students in the science and engineering areas of electrochemical energy storage and conversion. The grants are intended to help defray the costs of travel, lodging, registration, and subsistence for students to present a paper or a poster at an ECS meeting in a symposium sponsored or cosponsored by the Battery Division. The grants are given when sufficient funding is available and qualified applicants can be identified. The grants are for a single meeting. The recipients will receive (1.) a check in an amount not exceeding $1,000, payable to the recipient at the time of the meeting, (2.) a waiver for registration for that meeting, and (3.) a one-year student membership in the Society. The recipient must attend the meeting and give his/her oral presentation or poster to receive the award.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to receive a grant, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a full time student or a post doctoral research fellow in a college or university at the time of submitting the application.
  2. Must have submitted a paper either for an oral presentation or as a poster to the meeting for which the travel grant request is made.
  3. The recipient cannot receive a second grant from ECS during the same calendar year.

The application for the grant must include:

  1. transcripts of all post secondary school academic work;
  2. a record of the applicant’s achievements (e.g. publications, technical presentations, patents);
  3. a statement (less than 500 words) which describes the relationship of the student’s research to the science and engineering of electrochemical energy storage and conversion;
  4. a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s research supervisor; and
  5. a copy of the Abstract submitted to the meeting for which the travel grant request is made.

To apply:
Please visit the ECS Travel grant web page and apply electronically using the online application process.
Only applications using the online submission system will be accepted.
If you have any questions, please email

Deadline: For ECS biannual meetings, applications must be received by January 1 for Spring meetings, or July 1 for Fall meetings. For other ECS Battery Division sponsored symposia or conferences, two months before the meeting.

Selection of Grant Recipients

Recipients shall be selected based on their academic and research accomplishments, the overall quality of the research as judged by the material provided in the Abstract, and the recommendation letter from the research supervisor.

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds funds available, priority will be given to first-time recipients, new research groups, and presenters in symposia where the Battery Division is the lead sponsor.

Upon approval of the recipients by the Battery Division Executive Committee, the Chair of the Battery Division shall arrange for the preparation of appropriate news release. Checks will be issued by the appropriate Officer of the Society directly to the recipient, as indicated in a written request by the Chair of the Battery Division to the Society Headquarters, and delivered to the recipient at the time of the meeting at which the student will present the paper. The recipients shall be notified of the grant by the Chair of the Battery Division.


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