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Interface Summer 2013

Vol. 22, No. 2 | Summer 2013

Solar Fuels

Table of Contents (PDF)

From the Editor: The Law of Sigmoidal Growth p. 3
From the President: A Turning Point for ECS p. 7
Highlights from the Toronto, Canada Meeting p. 9
Society News p. 16
IMLB 2014: 17th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries p. 18
2013-2014 ECS Committees p. 22
Call for Nominations: Editor of Interface p. 23
People p. 28
224th ECS Meeting: San Francisco, CA p. 29
Currents: The G. S. Yuasa-Boeing 787 Li-ion Battery: Test It at a Low Temperature and Keep It Warm in Flight p. 35
ECS Classics: The Beginnings of Gold Electroplating p. 36
Tech Highlights p. 39
Introduction to the Featured Articles
Solar Fuels
by Nianqiang Wu
p. 41
An Integrated, Systems Approach to the Development of Solar Fuel Generators
by Nathan S. Lewis
p. 43
Recent Aspects of Photocatalytic Technologies for Solar Fuels, Self-Cleaning, and Environmental Cleanup
by Akira Fujishima, Kazuya Nakata, Tsuyoshi Ochiai, A. Manivannan, and Donald A. Tryk
p. 51
Photocatalytic Water Splitting Using Oxynitride and Nitride Semiconductor Powders for Production of Solar Hydrogen
by Jun Kubota and Kazunari Domen
p. 57
Plasmon-Enhanced Solar Energy Harvesting
by Scott K. Cushing and Nianqiang Wu
p. 63
Solar Fuel Production for a Sustainable Energy Future: Highlights of a Symposium on Renewable Fuels from Sunlight and Electricity
by Heli Wang, Deryn Chu, and Eric L. Miller
p. 69
Section News p. 72
Awards p. 75
New Members p. 77

Student News

p. 79

Awarded Student Membership Application

p. 84

Orlando, FL, (225th ECS Meeting) Call for Papers

p. 85

Orlando, FL, Student Travel Grant Application

p. 88

Orlando, FL, Young Faculty Grant Application

p. 89

ECS Annual Report 2012: Advancing the Science

p. 91
ECS Transactions: from the Honolulu, Hawaii Meeting p. 136
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